With one Grammy nomination and two years of solo touring under his belt for 3D, his debut release on Sugar Hill Records, inventive genre-warping fiddler Casey Driessen has recorded a fascinating new CD.

On his independently released follow-up, Oog (Red Shoe Records, May 12 release), Driessen goes beyond the “look-at-me” attitude of a predominantly instrumental record and focuses energy towards his talents as a composer and producer. Drawing solely on the past two years of musical and world travel experience, Oog ebbs and flows through dynamic sonic landscapes of color and texture extremes — aggressive to beautiful, dense and airy, intense yet relaxed. For those fans of Casey’s signature chop style of funky fiddle percussion and his fierce powerful solos, have no fear; you will find what you seek. His trusty sidekick, 5-String Fiddle, speaks with a soulful and passionate maturity that respects the diverse moods of the melodies. And, although you can’t hear them (or can you?), you know he’s wearing red shoes.

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