rickgershonwbrcom_180526_mastodon_ctsd2cltdedcover1.jpgHeavy rock iconoclasts MASTODON will release their new album, CRACK THE SKYE on March 24, 2009. However, hardcore fans will have the opportunity to pre-order a very special Deluxe Limited “Tunnel Book” Edition of CRACK THE SKYE online only via the band’s website:

This super-deluxe version of CRACK THE SKYE will come housed in a hard box case featuring a third dimension worm hole design that will contain exclusive and additional album art by long-time MASTODON artist, Paul Romano. The special package will include the full-length CRACK THE SKYE album on CD, plus a DVD containing The Making of CRACK THE SKYE with photo gallery, Track by Track band commentary and more by director Jimmy Hubbard.

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