Phillip Morris, The Process of Addiction Has its Costs

theprice.jpgFrom it’s mind-blowing title track to the end. ‘The Process of Addiction Has its Costs’ brings a lot of bang for your buck. Spot on attacks on office life, “gangsta” music, American nationalism, and consumerism prove that nothing is safe from Phillip Morris. With songs reminiscent of   The Pharcyde, Prince Paul, and MF DOOM, Phillip Morris proves himself to be one of the ultimate word smiths of hip-hop.

Some of the stand out tracks include:

“Ain’t What She Used to Be (feat Hanna Rae)”: This track is very reminiscent of Immortal Technique. Phillip Morris pulls out loaded guns at American Media and speaks the truth about what we all have to do overcome the “next Vietnam.”

“Die For The Music   (feat. Awdazcate)”: Like something pulled right out of Price Paul’s Politics of the Business or   A Prince Among Thieves comes this skit. A blatant assault on “Gangsta” music that’s full of laughs, but a tad over-long.

“The M.I.L.F Song”: This song is not what you think it’s about. It’s a sexual-innuendo filled song about people’s obsession with technology and keeping abreast with the latest got to have gear.

‘The Process of Addiction Has its Costs’ is out now. Buy it, and listen to it with headphones on.

Review By: Shawn Alexander Roy

[Rating: 4.5./5]

  2 comments for “Phillip Morris, The Process of Addiction Has its Costs

  1. February 16, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Congrats Phillip Morris on another outstanding album. You are the lyricist the American society desires but don’t know it, yet!!! Keep up the great wok and much success and prosperity. Love Lovely Lilah

  2. geogonzalez
    February 16, 2009 at 11:31 am

    its about time someone is talking about something more than money, hoes clothes and bling, Phil Morris speaks about everything across the board, making people actually think about things rather than ignoring them.

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