This Blue Heaven, Quicksandglass

tbh_myspace_header_phixr.jpgHailing from Boston, This Blue Heaven is bringing the indie rock/pop scene to the forefront.   Composed of five players: MacKenzie Outland taking the reigns on vocals, Stu Dietz jammin’ on guitar/vocals, Aaron Rosenthal hittin’ those keys, Brandon Erdos bangin’ those drums and Mark Desrosiers finger-pluckin’ that bass.   This quintet is bringing a simple yet unique sound with extreme melodic catchiness.  

I love the look of the album cover with a depiction of the sun in the far right along with fresh sand and bright, blue water in the horizon.   On the back, you see two members from TBH standing within an actual ocean just up to their ankles.   The strange part is that they are dressed like they’re going to some formal event: one brown dress for the lady and one dress shirt with vest and brown dress pants for the lad.   One other odd detail is that they are holding an umbrella and a suitcase while looking into the deep sea.   Maybe the two individuals are thinking deep thoughts of life on the ocean, but to carry an umbrella so they don’t get wet on the way! (Lol)   On a serious note, it seems there is much to be said about the cover art and seems to hold a true meaning to both of these people.   Art isn’t just pictures filled with STUFF, it is real SUBSTANCE that speaks truth.   This Blue Heaven has captured true art here revolving around a beach setting, the wonderful blue, ocean water and two or more human beings setting out on a journey.   What is the meaning of all this–this water, beach and this journey I speak of???   That, my friends, is in the eye of the beholder.   The beauty and true essence of art is that pictures can speak differently from one person to the next.  

On the record end of things, Quicksandglass captures emotion, rockish beats and pop sensations all wrapped up into one finely-crafted package.   I simply love what Outland has to say on this record both in word and in spirit.   She sings in a very passionate and solemn fashion that invites the listener into her world.   She incorporates catchy and meaningful lines such as: “In the end, what’s done is done.   Focus on the inside and look at the bright side”.   Move on to the extreme and plainly blunt lyric on the ending track, “Where The Living Start”: “Everybody in the world is an asshole.   But underneath has a really good heart”.  

This Blue Heaven has created a fine piece of work with Quicksandglass.   Definitely worth more than a simple listen!   For more on TBH and their new record, SKOPE out

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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