David Lykins, Blurry White Guy

cover_art_large-for-david-lykins1_phixr.jpgLYRICS…LYRICS…LYRICS!!!   So refreshing to know that mixed up in this world of Commercial, Bubble-gum CRAP, there are artists who still can hone in on their craft.   No booty-shakin’ or half naked girls needed here; David Lykins just offers a convincing word-of-mouth.   Sex does sell in the market of music, but Lykins proves to the listener that all an artist needs sometimes is just a pen and a pad.   In his case, it would be a crayon in which all songs were scribbled in.   And let’s be serious, you can’t get much simpler than a crayon and scribbling, Come ON!  

Lykins is an artist who is true to himself and who I feel is nothing but real to his fans/listeners.   This story-book, Country singer/songwriter brings you blurry white guy, which is solely written and produced by Lykins.   David Lykins is a wordsmith from Chicago, but really had to travel to the country music capital of Nashville to get that distinct sound on this record.  

I noticed right away from song one that David Lykins made the right choice to travel to Nashville’s Omni Sound Studios.   The sound is just a powerful, musical explosion that is recorded in such profound fashion.   The added session players offer a wonderful dynamic to Lykin’s playing and lyrics.   One truly great effect is how Lykin and Omni Studios balanced the Electric VS. Acoustic battle.   One didn’t overpower the other as both acoustic and electric guitars were able to live together peacefully, as one.   Amazing that even though some tracks offer Plugged-in audio, the songs still have that element of being Un-plugged.   This acoustic/electric quality is nothing short of impeccable and on its way to being a sensational hit!

On “Greetings from the Riviera”, Lykins touches on the effects of that unforgettable Vietnam War.   Based on a soldier who made it back safely, in body, but never returned fully from the trip, in spirit, is the premise of this song.   “Jesus lost a foot back in the last one, so it’s said he left some of his soul behind.   He left there, but never made it home”.   Words so potent and yet hauntingly true.  

Add in melodic/pitch-friendly vocals along with Soothing-to-the-bones chorus lines and you have yourself Chi-Town’s own David Lykins.   Blurry white guy is the record and this Windy City storyteller has a few thoughts to share with the world.   For more on David Lykins and blurry white guy, SKOPE out www.ravindave.com.  

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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