Funeral Party, Bootleg L.P.

fp_ep_cover_400x400_phixr.jpgFrom a park in Whittier, California comes the Four-piece critically and commercially hailed band– Funeral Party. Coming from borrowing other bands’ equipment to play at back yard and warehouse parties to commercial radio and   a cult following in East Los Angeles neighbourhoods Funeral Party has come along way to release the Bootleg l.P. Combining the raw musical energy of Sonic Youth and the Strokes, then adding some Julian Casablancas-esque vocal styling.   The E.P. evokes feelings of the 70’s New Wave movement, The New York and California music scene. At just over 12 minutes long the album’s catchy melodies and lyrics are sure to be in high-rotation.

Review By: Shawn Alexander Roy

[Rating: 4/5]

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