urgecny_phixr.jpgThis next band would like us to believe that they are just a regular band that just wants to create good music. While that is true, The Urgency also have a  growing fan base of loyalists and a major deal with SRP/Mercury. Their sound is contagious and their lead guitar, Ian, was cool enough to let Skope know what is so urgent about The Urgency!

Stoli: What do you miss most about those days back in VT before the fame?

Ian: what fame?

Stoli: How long would you say that it took before fans began really paying attention to your band?

Ian: Things didn’t really take off for us until we held the dj’s at Rebel Radio 103.6 FM hostage, and forced them to play our music.

Stoli: How did you know that Tyler Gurwicz, a musical theater major, would be a perfect lead for the band?

Ian: He’s the man, and he’s not a musical theatre major. He took one semester before he dropped out to join the band and play some original music.

Stoli: Why did you decide to name your band The Urgency?

Ian: our music is very urgent. In the energy of the band and the lyrical content.

Stoli: Please name one song and one life experience that led to the creation of that song?

Ian: Rooftops. Getting lucky in Brooklyn.

The Urgency – “Fingertips”

[youtube IN-cE4AanRk nolink]

Stoli: How long did it take to shop your demo before getting a deal at SRP/Mercury Records?

Ian: This long.

Stoli: Now that you are signed to a major is there alot more pressure to create hits?

Ian: No.

Stoli: When you are out at night would you say the woman pursue alot harder now that you are signed & have a few hits?

Ian: No.

Stoli: How does it feel to be on the road so much and how do you keep the band on the same level?

Ian: It feels like warm apple pie.   if someone beats a level we all level-up. teamwork.

Stoli: How much would you say that the Internet helps keeping fans in the loop & gathering new fans?

Ian: It helps a lot.   The internet is a good way to keep in touch with friends and fans we meet on tour.

Stoli: When playing live what do you like to do to connect with adoring fans in the crowd?

Ian: We just vibe out, every show is different.   We keep it real.  

Stoli: You have alot of European dates in early 2009, do you perform any differently overseas then in the US?

Ian: We perform with an accent overseas.

Stoli: Thank you The Urgency!


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    December 27, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Ian sucks at interviews

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