Boston Ballet, The Nutcracker

nutcracker_phixr.jpgIt was a perfect Thursday evening in Boston and just the right time of year to see The Nutcracker. This is no ordinary performance as it was by The Boston Ballet.

We headed over to The Opera House on Washington Street right around 7 pm. This Nutcracker version is based on the original fairytale by ETA Hoffman and it is presented in two acts. The two hour show started promptly at 7:30 pm.

The music is prepared by Peter Tchaikovsky and Jonathan McPhee is the music director and principal conductor. Being a music person myself, that is the first thing I noticed. To be honest the music was perfect the whole show. My seats were a few rows behind the orchestra so I could actually feel the vibrations. There is no dialogue in the ballet so the music & choreography tells the story.

Words truly cannot justify just what a spectacle this ballet is. We saw others capturing the beauty of the moment so we did as well to give readers a small glimpse into what it’s all about.  

Boston Ballet Nutcracker I

[youtube LGB7wY3iC4A nolink]

The set and costumes were a sight to see. There was bears, rats, Christmas Trees, falling snow all on stage. This ballet hires over 250 children throughout New England to perform various roles. There is never a dull moment as the performers dance, fight, and celebrate the Christmas season.

Boston Ballet Nutcracker II

[youtube mq1GVSVurGg nolink]

This year over 80,000 people will see the 35 performances of this Nutcracker. You can be one of those until December 28th. I would recommend this ballet to anyone that needs a boost in holiday spirit or has an appreciation for the fine arts. Treat yourself and someone special to you!


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