vitalmight_phixr.jpgThis musical trio is coming straight out of Boston and their buzz & following is growing by the day. It took a few tries to get The Vital Might on a Skope Live show but we finally did it.  Stoli caught up with band to discuss the big show on 12/6 and what else these guys are up to.

Stoli: How did it feel when you confirmed that you would be playing the 2008 Skope Live Holiday Bash?

The Vital Might: We were delighted to finally be part of a Skope show.   We’ve also never really played a “holiday” show, so we’re looking forward to that as well.
Stoli: What singles, albums, or EP’s have you put out recently so people can get familiar with your sound if they are not already?

The Vital Might: We put out our 2nd LP “Red Planet” in October, featuring the singles Phantom Spaceman and Saturday. The record is a sci-fi mafia love story.  
Stoli: How do you determine what songs that you will play for this big show?

The Vital Might: Well for our tour in October, we almost exclusively featured songs from Red Planet to help get the new music out there.   We’re dusting off some older songs from our first LP “Obsidian”.   There’s a couple that are staples and played at just about every show.   Our song “Measure” has been the last song of our set at about 99% of our shows.   We might haphazardly throw together a cover to keep things interesting.
Stoli: Have you ever played Bill’s Bar before & if yes, hiow was that set?

The Vital Might: Yes, many times. THE VITAL MIGHT has had some big shows at Bill’s Bar.   We played a couple months after our return from tour in ’07 to a sold out crowd.   We love the stage…it’s just big enough but not too big.   The sound is some of the best for that size club in Boston.
Stoli: What other bands on the bill are you excited to watch?

The Vital Might: All of them! I played with Meet the Day several years ago in my old band, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve evolved. I’ve heard great things about Forgetful Jones and intend to shake my ass a little bit before our set. We talked to Matt on MySpace and he seems like a good dude. His songs online are very cool.   Curious to hear them live.
Stoli: What is one of your favorite things about playing live in Boston?

The Vital Might: Playing for our hometown crowd.   It’s great being on the road and meeting new people and introducing our music to people who haven’t heard us, but just taking a short drive from our rehearsal space to load-in and then chill in the area for some dinner and drinks pre-show is fantastic.   A lot less unknowns and we know our usuals will be there singing along (and buying us shots).

Stoli: What do you do to let all your fans know about the 12/6 show? Will any family members come out to show support?

The Vital Might: We have a big mailing list that we keep updated about the show.   We also talk it up a lot on MySpace, Facebook, and Purevolume.     Videos we put together chronicling the recording of our record and our recent tour are our best promotional materials.   It’s one thing to just say how much fun it’s going to be or how good it’s going to sound, but it’s another to show people a live action hint of what’s going to happen.
Stoli: Before you go on to play, what must you do to get ready to play?

The Vital Might: Personally, I stretch out and sing a little bit.   If I can grab my guitar and warm up my fingers, I do that too.   And then of course there’s a couple gin & tonics or beers and finally a band-tradition tequila shot for all 3 of us.
Stoli: The show is on 12/6 so will you do anything special to close out 2008 that night?

The Vital Might: It will indeed be our last show in 2008.   That’s a good question.   My guess is we’ll drag some old friends and new ones to sing along with us on stage.
Stoli: Skope Live! is used as a medium to help raise awareness & money for Autism Speaks. What are your thoughts on Autism and have you been directly effected?

The Vital Might: I have not been directly affected by Autism but I have several close friends who are special education teachers and work with Autistic children on a daily basis.   I applaud them and I support their efforts whenever I can.   I’m always interested to hear how they’re able to work with children and help them to live happy lives.   I have personally ran 2 marathons and am running a 3rd next year for another cause and I am honored to play a show that will help benefit Autism Speaks.  
Stoli: What is your favorite element of playing to a live audience?

The Vital Might: I enjoy singing and playing into peoples eyes ears and getting across the feeling of every song.   I enjoy jumping around when I’m not tethered to the mic and sweating my shirt out.   I enjoy clinking shot glasses with my bandmates and friends and toasting the night.   I enjoy making every performance a significant event that will stick in peoples’ minds for a while.  
Stoli: What should my readers know before they come see you play on 12/6?

The Vital Might: This is the last chance to see THE VITAL MIGHT until our tour in late January.   We’ll be hunkering down in early winter to write some new songs, so come hear us blast out Red Planet before we take a holiday rest.
Stoli: Thank you!

The Vital Might: No, thank you!

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