yaboy_phixr.jpgMy next guest to come holla at the Razz is a straight up “G” from the Bay Area. This next emcee has got more buzz than Stoli after some shots of bourbon & 6 Bud Lights. Ya Boy is the truth and if you do your research he has the numbers and the haters to back it up. Ya Boy was recently in a car accident but he brushed it off and really broke down the game from the streets to the industry.

Stoli: How did growing up in the Bay Are help to develop your style as an emcee?

Ya Boy: It helped develop me alot as an emcee. I’ve seen a lot growing up in the Bay from shootouts to drug sales, pimping, balling and everything in between. I’ve seen it all from the good to the bad which serves as good writing material.

Stoli: How did you get the rap name, Ya Boy?

Ya Boy: My cousin Bailey dubbed me that name. I was known to have certain things that people needed so they would come to him like, “Yo, where ya boy at” an there we have it…YABOY. It confuses some people though, so I also go by YB the ROCKSTAR because for being a young I’m definitely living a Hollywood Rockstar life.

Stoli: The industry has embraced you 100% from Dr Dre, The Game, K Fed & The Source. What hit single do you think will give you that mainstream attention you deserve?

Ya Boy: I have a lot of HITS!   I’m in the studio as soon as I wake up. I feel like I’m the best in the West right now, hands down. It’s just all about who has the power and who believes in me enough to give me that mainstream shot, cuz once i get on its a wrap .. I’m shutting shit all the way down…believe that. All the Internet and street buzz I have is all off of my mixtape songs. Trust me when I say the world hasn’t seen nothing yet.   I have some collabs with some mainstream artists that I’m not going to even mention right now. I’m all about timing and waiting till the moment is right to truly show what I have in store.

Stoli: You have already sold over 500K units on your own. Is it still necessary for an emcee to sign to a major or is the indie route better & why?

Ya Boy: For the money, indie is the way to go.   But for someone like me, I need a bigger machine…the BIGGEST machine possible behind me because I need the worldwide attention. Once I’m on that level, the major’s won’t be disappointed with the revenue I’m bringing them.

Stoli: Where did you record the new mixtape, ‘Kush 2009’ and what kind of state of mind were you going through at that time?

Ya Boy: I recorded Kush 2009 in LA with my engineer P.G. I was in a angry and very hungry state of mind. There were times I would work on the project until I passed out from exhaustion…no lie.   Sometimes, P.G. would have to remind me to take a break and eat.   I feel I’m not being given the fair shot I deserve in hip hop and I have been putting in major work. I’m only 23. So I went in on Kush to show people that it’s not a game anymore.

Stoli: What is more important to you, to have the most street cred or be the best lyrically?

Ya Boy: Neither is important to me. What’s important to me is just being a real nigga and keeping it solid and real. No matter who you are and what you’ve done, someone is always gonna hate on you and say you’re not street enough or your lyrics ain’t shit. So peoples opinion don’t matter to me.   What’s that saying…opinions are like assholes…everybody’s got one.

“Shoe Box”

[youtube 4a_t1lIRq2k nolink]

Stoli: How important is it that every rhyme you spit is the 100% truth and what do you feel about storyteller rappers?

Ya Boy: I feel like it’s important to tell the truth in your rhymes. But we all know every rapper doesnt tell the truth all the time. They ain’t doin all the killin they talkin about and movin all the drugs they say they do. This is Entertainment so I feel it’s ok to tell a story sometimes because someone out there has done it and they will feel what you are talking about. Sometimes you come to a point where you are not making music for yourself anymore…you make music for everyone else so you have to touch on everything. It’s called entertainment. But I try to stay real and 100 with all my rhymes, it’s about how I’m feelin at the time of writing.

Stoli: If you could change one thing about the hip hop game today what would that be?

Ya Boy: All the phony people in it. I meet so many snakes and fake people it’s not even funny. I’ve been sold dreams and promises. Now…with my close circle, I’m able to know when someone comes at me with some fake shit.

Stoli: How do you feel about McCain supporters yelling out racist and violent chants towards Obama at his rallies?

Ya Boy: I feel it’s sad that racism still exists and is stronger than ever.   I think this was definitely a wake-up call for those thinking that racism was dead…WRONG!!! Some people are fucked up in the head. Can’t we all just get along??

Stoli: Would you say that the Internet has made it easier or harder to get noticed in the hip hop game?

Ya Boy: I feel the Internet has made it harder to get noticed in hip hop because now that everyone has access everyone is a rapper. Everyone is putting themselves on YouTube and making videos left and right. Everywhere you turn there is a rapper. It’s not about talent anymore which is fucked up.

Stoli: What is the difference from when you are writing your own lyrics to when you are doing it for another musician?

Ya Boy: Well when I write for myself, it’s more personal. When I’m writing for someone else I just write concepts…songs that everyone will like and feel. But then again, that’s a great tool to use when writing for youself also. So there’s a slight difference but not really.

Stoli: Please let my readers know anything that you feel heads need to know?

Ya Boy: YB the Rockstar is a historical part of hip hop. Realize it and get with the movement. I make good music…real music and it’s time for me to shine. Visit or THANK YOU. GOD BLESS.

Stoli: Thank you!

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