hathrone_phixr.jpgOhio’s very own HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS have teamed up with Ovation Acoustic Guitars for eleven acoustic performances throughout November. The goal of these acoustic events is to allow young, inspiring musicians in the community the opportunity to ask questions to real musicians about the gear they use and life as a successful band member.  

The band will be performing these acoustic sets at local music equipment stores prior to each concert that night.  

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS have also jumped on board with the Rock the Vote campaign.   Rock the Vote is dedicated to keeping teens aware of the issues that are affecting their lives and urges them to go out and make a difference by voting.   Feeling strongly about these issues, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS recently created a message about the political power their fans hold to show that even one person can make a difference.

Check out their Rock the Vote:

[youtube vt4VjYjWy94 nolink]

Nov. 5th — SAN DIEGO, CA
Ovation show @ Guitar Trader
Never Sleep Again Tour @ SOMA

Nov. 7th — POMONA, CA
Ovation show @ Fullerton Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Glass House

Nov. 20th — DETROIT, MI
Ovation show @ Motor City Guitar
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Glass House

Nov. 21st — NEWPORT, KY
Ovation show @ Willis Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Southgate House

Nov. 22nd — PITTSBURGH, PA
Ovation show @ Empire Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Rex Theatre

Nov. 23rd — HARTFORD, CT
Ovation show @ Falcetti Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Webster Theatre

Nov. 24th — BOSTON, MA
Ovation show @ Daddy’s Junky Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Wilbur Theatre

Nov. 25th — NEW YORK, NY
Ovation show @ Manny’s Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ Irving Plaza

Ovation show @ Alto Music
Never Sleep Again Tour @ The Chance


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