eban_album.jpgEban is a well-established name in TV and movie music.   Here he’s taken on a project, which can be described as “Art-deco spooky music”.   With a celebrity cast of spooky guest narrators, a Theremin, old The Ventures style guitar licks, assorted special effects etc., Eban combines Munsters, Addams Family, and generally Monster Mash type eerie feelings.   Homage is of course paid in either music or words to bats, rats, ravens, werewolves, and other traditional Halloween pets.  

Some of the content reminds you of scary Halloween childhood cartoon backdrop music.   Scary songs from rock to big band stylings reminiscent of stuff from John Zacherle and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are assembled together.   The legendary purveyors of spooky, Vincent Price and the Boris Karloff Grinch treatment is paid tribute here and also put to good use.   An interesting use of gigantic production with orchestra, horns, tympani and gong accents various cuts.   It’s a strange (to say the least) offering, but I’ve been a habitual sucker for this kind of thing since the 60’s.  

I can’t recall anyone taking on this type of adventure since the 60’s.   If you’re looking for a good theme party disc, or a party DJ, you should add this to your collection.   If you’re going to cruise for chicks, I don’t think I’d be blasting this through your Jensens.   Once you get them in the car though, this will be enough to literally scare the pants off them, as it were!   About the only currently active (or alive) celeb purveyors of horror genre not getting pub, and probably the only season related relevant thing missing from this disc, is the occasional Elvira or Alice Cooper treatment!  

Different, crazed, Dr. Dimento approved, and something you’d hear among the rare cuts of or bumper music of on Miami Steve’s Underground Garage.  

Try it if you dare!  

Words By: RME

[Rating: 4/5]

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