bigbang-acidzen_500_phixr.jpgNorway’s Bigbang are set to release From Acid to Zen (Grand Sport/Oglio) on November 11th on vinyl. The band, themselves a throwback to ‘70s rock at its best, are excited to give their album to fans across the world in a format that captures music exactly how it is meant to be heard.    

This week also marks Bigbang’s second appearance in the pages on Rolling Stone as one of David Fricke’s coveted “Fricke’s Picks.”

Fricke says of From Acid to Zen: “[Lead singer Øystein Greni] grounds songs like ‘Early December’ and ‘Hurricane Boy’ and the brilliantly titled ‘From Acid to Zen’ in the eternal power-chord charge and fish-hook riffs of the stones and the Who.   But Greni also has a knack for wringing fresh excitement from the familiar: the country-angel harmonies and ice-Byrds guitar in the new version of ‘Wild Bird,’ the improbable dream of Badfinger and Husker Du in ‘the One.’”

“Given Bigbang’s rich influences along with how this album was recorded and mixed, it lends itself perfectly to the warm sound of vinyl,” explains Mark Copeland VP of Marketing Oglio Records.   “I much prefer listening to vinyl than any other format,” explains Greni. “I grew up with my Dad’s vinyl collection and there’s still a reverence to putting on a vinyl album that will never apply to the more disposable formats.   Plus, I like the fact that the music gets worn with time and every playback adds a new dimension.”

Stream From Acid to Zen:


Bigbang are currently on tour:
October 28:     Austin, Texas – Club De Ville
November 3: Tucson, Arizona – Hotel Congress          
November 8: San Diego, California – Two Roses Tattoo

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