kerihilson_phixr.jpgKeri Hilson has just released new audio on her single, “Return The Favor” featuring her boy, Timberland. We also have footage of Keri behind the scenes, and don’t forget to catch Keri in the new Chris Brown video for “Superhuman. ” Have you seen that gorgeous model-looking chick that’s got Usher sprung in the video for ”Love In This Club?” Turns out, she’s a recording artist in her own right. Keri Hilson is about to be huge. And she’s one of those rare people who deserve to be. For Keri, music was a childhood friend she kept throughout adulthood. “In school, I would get in trouble for singing all the time. I unknowingly hummed every chance I got. It got so bad my friend’s nicknamed me ‘Keri-okey'”. She wears that name proudly on her sleeve, and in credits for every major hit she writes.

Destined for stardom since day one, the Atlanta native’s determined spirit first materialized all before she’d turn a teenager. While performing in school plays and winning talent shows all around Atlanta, she taught herself how to write songs at twelve. Impressed with Keri’s vocal ability, her piano-turned-voice teacher ushered her into a studio session where she learned the nuances of recording music. “That was when I really knew that I could take music seriously,” she says. “But at the time, I didn’t know if there was such a job as production or songwriting.”

Return The Favor feat. Timbaland stream:


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