Morning Tide, The Little Ones

review_album.jpgLet’s face it–there will always be a market for catchy, pleasant pop songs. No matter how musically hip a person thinks he or she is; that person will one day be caught whistling or humming a simple pop song.

The reason this fact is mentioned is that bright, sunny pop music sometimes gets unfairly overlooked by music critics. In fact, it can be argued that it is harder to write these types of songs successfully than ones with deep lyrics and complicated chord progressions.

If that argument is true, then one must give the Los Angeles-based band The Little Ones some credit for its attempt to craft an album full of catchy indie-pop songs. The result is the just released Morning Tide and it shows the band is capable of writing music and lyrics that are near impossible to get out of one’s head.

The title track is the best example of this as it features a catchy beat and nice vocals by singer Edward Reyes, not to mention an infectious sing-a-long chorus. “Everybody’s Up To Something” follows in that vein and ups the ante even more with an anthemic chorus and an instrumental beginning that would not sound out of place on a Coldplay album.

And yet, Morning Tide is not a perfect pop album. Unfortunately, it can be mostly be described as pretty good as there are too many songs that start off well but then lose their luster, making them mostly forgettable. In fact, these songs almost seem perfect as background music in those television shows that never have the time to play entire songs but play the most memorable part instead.

That said, since this is The Little Ones’ debut disc, it is something positive for the band to build on as its talent for hook-filled songs is apparent. So much so, that it is highly possible that someone one day might be heard whistling or humming a great pop song by the band.

Words By: Todd Sikorski

[Rating: 2.5/5]

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