Noush Skaugen, Lost And Found

nosh_album.jpgIs a Persian Princess taking the rock throne?   Well, half Persian, half Swedish…born Swedish… raised British… [Got all that?     Once you get Lost and Found, you won’t forget].   Noush Skaugen released Lost and Found June 14, 2008 as one of the top independent artists making music today.

Named Alternative Pop Artist of the Year in 2007 at the Los Angeles Music Awards, and National Independent Artist of the Year in 2007 at The Hollywood Fame Awards, Noush Skaugen is takin’ her place among the great female artists in music history.   The latest release, Lost and Found is the next stage in the rise of a rock star.   By the second time the first song ‘Adeline’ asks, “Are you Lonely?” your mind is pretty much melted into the song, and the album proceeds to whisk you through the world of a world traveler.   Love, life, relationships, friendships; Slow songs, rock songs, pop songs…the whole lot is on display in Lost and Found.   By the time you get through the epic ‘One Last Time’, you know it’s only a matter of time before Noush Skaugen is sitting atop the female favorites list.   …This line from the song ‘What I’ says it all, “I’m not refined beauty I’m raw… What you see is what you get with me….”   Whether you are just listening, or have the chance to see a video… or see her live, beauty is no short supply with Noush.   Make no mistake; this is the real authentic deal…

With a national college radio campaign, a ton of national and international gigs under her belt, several tracks appearing   on MTV shows [The Hills, Road Rules, Real World]…as well as a long list of other accomplishments, the sky is the limit for this lovely lady.   Here’s to hoping one of her next accomplishments is enlightening some of the folks back in Persia…  

Reviewed by Gary Jacobs

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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