laura_phixr.jpgSkope just got Laura Warshauer’s music video for “Sweet 17” from her debut self titled album that is in stores and online now. She is also involved with the charity Musicians on Call where artists perform at hospitals for children with life threatening cancer.

Pop singer-songwriter Laura Warshauer is a storyteller first and foremost. Through her music, she examines loss, love and life. The 24-year-old New Jersey native crafts sonic gems, through combining massive pop melodies and flourishes of folk. Her lyrical sensibility hearkens back to songsmiths like Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple, while the music possesses a pop rock passion a la U2. Laura wants to take listeners on a journey, and her music’s the perfect vessel. “Convince Myself,” “December Night” and the first single, “Sweet 17,” are entrancing, soothing and infectious. She’s paved her own path, and the ride has just begun.

Laura released her self-titled seven-song debut album on September 23 via Island/Pink Chariot/Fontana. The music is like an aural embrace, pulling listeners in and holding them tightly. “Please Don’t Lie” features orchestral textures that perfectly compliment her warm, ethereal vocals. She describes her sound best, “There’s definitely a folk sensibility, but it’s really about grand melodies. I have a very classic pop structure in terms of my writing style, but lyrically, I offer a unique angle.” That angle sees Laura exploring experiences intimately and in a relatable manner. Songs come naturally to Laura, and she lets inspiration take hold. “I say everything I need to in my songs. It’s my job to stay out of the way and let the songs do the talking.”

The songs spoke loud and clear, and Laura’s immense talent caught the ear of Island Def Jam Chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid. He received one of her demos, and he had to go see her play.   “He came to a Sunday night rehearsal, and his hands were in the air when he heard me. Afterwards he was speechless. The next day he asked me what I envisioned for myself. I looked him right in the eye and said, ‘I want to rock stadiums, and I want to be doing it in 25 years.’ He replied, ‘I want to do it with you.'” Their partnership has set the stage for Laura’s album this fall and her full-length, Such A Lovely Place, due out in 2009. There’s no doubt she’s on to big things.

“Sweet 17”

Sweet” 17 – Laura Warshauer

Photo By: Alexandra Carr

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