theinvizziblmen_album.jpgMarQ Spekt and Karniege, known as The Invizzibl Men, are far from invisible on this record.   Spekt and Karniege are unveiling an album unlike anything I’ve heard before.   If I was to characterize the feel of The Invizzibl Men, I would call it Unorthodox, hard-hittin’ rap.

A unique rap style is heard throughout all of the 13 tracks with the hip-hop duo rhyming not with the beat, but against it.   Seemed to me that the lyrics didn’t follow with the beat, but I now think that was done on purpose.   By not following the norms makes for a confusing sound to the listener, but one that I’m pretty sure The Invizzible Men were pushin’ hard for.   MarQ and Karniege dare to be original on this joint and I think they accomplished that without a doubt.

I picked up on some cool sounds and sound effects throughout The Unveiling.   Solid drum beatz are bangin’ and even a gothic-like background noise is heard on one cut, which gives it a dark, almost dreary vibe.   This unorthodox, confusing rap oozes with originality, but in such an uncharacteristic manner.   Invizibl Men slam the door on same old, same old and open up wide for Different!  

Spekt and Karniege bring vicious and ferocious lyrics and do it in such a forceful manner where you get a sense of in-your-face rap.   The two MCs can be seen on the cover as comic book-like characters with dangerously sharp teeth.   MarQ and Karniege are comin’ at you hard like Pac-Man with their jabber jaws chompin’ away and spittin’ lyrics in your face!   The look of the cover sums up what to expect, in a way, before you even push play.  

Worth noting that I was feelin’ the last two tracks in particular, “Neon Mud” and “Ten Years Later”.   Both joints had an extremely cool flow that did seem to jive with the hook in sync.   It actually surprised me at the end because these two songs definitely didn’t match with the rest of The Unveiling.   Off target again here, but maybe that’s the secret and the key to this album—Something like nothing else.

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Words By: Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 2.5]

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