Bugzy Bogart, ninety-four

bugsy_album.jpgThe overall feel I got from this album was just a true to life and REAL groove.   Bugzy and the Culture VI crew give you a little taste of everything on ninety-four from powers and struggles of life, relationships, kids, religion and just an overwhelming sincerity that resonates throughout the whole record.   It’s not just rappin’, it’s not just hip-hop, it’s LIFE as heard by Bogart and company.

Musically, the album is also very diverse with soulful singing, light, jazzy sounds, hard-core lyrics, soft and sincere words, powerful verses, piano and even club-like joints.   I have to say something about the phenomenal back-up singers–sign these ladies up now because they can SING man!   These female singers can be heard on, “Dangerous” where you get a Destiny’s Child feel and not to mention the main verse from Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison”.   “dangerous” was slammin’ without question, but how about, “i mean…love” where you get the vocalist belting out notes, Mariah Carey-style!   Not saying that she sings better than or the same as Mariah Carey by any means because Mariah is in a league of her own, but the style is definitely right on and equally impressive.   And finally, I felt a real soulful sensation when listening to one of the singers on the track, “on my own”.  

The cut that really hit me the most inside came by way of Bugzy’s lyrics on “footprints”.   Bogart is heard rappin’ his heart out to God and then even mimicking God’s voice through a pretend dialogue.   It’s about all the problems on God’s Green Earth and how God addresses them as MAN being the cause of all things sinfully bad and wrong on this soil.   The song really makes sense and offers a very powerful viewpoint on God, religion and man.   Bugzy Bogart even preaches to his son at the end, very emotional and a very direct song that could raise some eyebrows.  

Check out this guy that sounds like a mob character from Dick Tracy, but offers the art of TRUE-LIFE Rap to listeners.   For anyone willing to listen to “ninety-four”, Bugzy Bogart and Culture VI are preaching loud and clear.   For more info, SKOPE out www.CultureVI.com.  

Words By: Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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  1. September 27, 2008 at 10:08 am

    hey – i really appreciate you guys taking the time out to review our project. you’re right about the girls – they SHOULD have deals at this very moment. both yendi and meylin are ULTRA talented. YZ, and Purpose, who crafted up the beats, should also be doing beats for people much bigger than me. i feel blessed to have worked with so many talented people on my project.

    but again – thanks to the staff at SKOPE for listening to the album. it was a good read and it sounds like y’all really understood the album, which i’m happy about.

    if you ever need anything from any of us, ,please do not hesitate to give me a shout.


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