zerobbrifdge_phixr.jpgNYC band zerobridge continues to release a new track every month from July until with end of the year with September’s previously unreleased and not available until now selection entitled “There We Were, Now Here We Are” — available as a FREE download!

Here’s a note on the song from lead singer/songwriter Din:

Lead singer/songwriter Din comments on the new zerobridge single: “There We Were…” is a tune that I dug out from the vault from like 10 years ago.   It was a song I had written with a friend of mine at the time for a different band.   It was shafted but I had always loved it and kept it in the back of my mind.   I finally decided to revisit the song and wrote a new arrangement and lyrics.   It ended up fitting really nicely with the rest of our music and has since become a live favorite.   Someone once said it’s the best Replacements song they’ve heard since the Replacements broke up!

I guess the song is some ways about coming to terms with the past or people in your past.   What happens when you come face to face with someone you lost touch with or wanted to forget?   You want to be as graceful as possible but it’s impossible to completely forget all that happened.   Living well is ultimately the best revenge, right?   Interesting note, there’s a reference in the song to Oasis for all the trainspotters.”

“There We Were, Now Here We Are” download direct link:


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