mrveags_phixr.jpgJust as Don Rimini is tearing up the clubs – the bosses at Delicious Gutter have been cooking up the next level club combo punch for the kids! Next stop Jamaica!

The Baltimore Club Kings Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir once again deliver the goods, producing an all-original B-more Gutter line-up for Jamaican Dancehall King Mr. Vegas. Yes, the 2nd Delicious Gutter EP is “Oh My Gosh”, and the title says it all. This collection of exclusive grind-worthy insta-party jams is the perfect merging of the undeniably inventive production style of Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir. The Gutter experience is elevated to pop-club genius when Mr. Vegas adds his ultra catchy lyrical melodies to the mix – the results are audible sizurp! Mr. Vegas has mastered his own near perfect hybrid of singing and chanting, his sing-songy flows mirror the Gutter sound remarkably well – pulling you in closer while intoxicating the listener into a sound clash between the best of Baltimore and Jamaica – two of the most worldly and notorious sounds in club music today.

On “Oh My Gosh”, Mr. Vegas delivers a straight up, no holds barred, party anthem that is ripe for daytime radio and prime time club play! On the remix, Verb, the newest addition to Milkcrate Records, heightens the originality of this truly collaborative Baltimore-meets-Jamaica record. Verb’s vocal prowess compliments Vegas’ quick flow to deliver a catchy street anthem about the chicks they love with the “Tek Set Body,” meaning she must be fit. On the Gutter remix – LaCrate and Samir lace the rugged, underground, famously raw grit, taking Vegas on a ride down the streets and back alleys of the Baltimore gutters. “Whining Machine” is back on the party anthem style that all involved are clearly masters of — this track is top shelf and showcases the best elements of what these guys do – making original next level music that makes the girls wanna move!

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