shawtyputt_phixr.jpgBME/Razor & Tie artist Shawty Putt. The video for his much buzzed about single “Dat Baby (Don’t Look Like Me),” featuring Lil Jon and Too $hort just debuted last week.

Shawty Putt is based and from ATL, and his album is slated for   Nov. 08 release.

Shawty Putt – Dat Baby feat. Too Short

[youtube buHiH-Z4hfU nolink]

Shawty Putt made the most of his opportunity.   The Atlanta native wrote the insanely catchy hooks for the YoungBloodZ’s “Presidential” and Lil’ Scrappy’s “Gangsta, Gangsta,” so when Lil Jon was looking for writers to help him with his forthcoming CRUNK ROCK album, Shawty Putt was the logical choice.   “He is one of the few artists that gets it,” Lil Jon says of Shawty Putt.   “He understands every aspect of this business.”

Shawty Putt’s working relationship with Lil Jon has advanced to another level now that Lil Jon has produced Shawty’s smash single “Dat Baby (Don’t Look Like Me),” the lead single from Putt’s forthcoming debut album.   The song, which takes a hilarious look at bogus paternity claims, was inspired by a real-life situation.   “There was a little situation that came about and I went through the ringer,” Shawty Putt explains.   “The test came back negative.   Hence, the song ‘Dat Baby (Don’t Look Like Me).’   I just took it and put a little spin on it.”

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