Jordan Carp, Spaceman

jordancarp4.jpeJourneyman songwriter Jordan Carp’s latest EP Spaceman is a musical showcase of the artist’s available talent that plays out over 10-emotive tracks. The album ethos waxes and wanes from dark and contemplative to hopeful and heartfelt–from walking through graveyards at night to conversations with oenophile wine snobs.

The EP opens with title-track “Spaceman” an eerie homage to the protaganists’ feelings of alienation. The track is replete with strange clicks and clanks, off-key piano notes and dirge-like guitar work. Rounding out the overall darkness of it all are Carp’s effects-laden drone vocals. Think of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” meets anything Syd Barrett wrote. Only more brooding.

“Fantasies Of You” lightens the fare a bit with its piano-driven foundation, jangle guitar work and awkward, coming-of-age-with-women lyrical theme. The soaring guitar solo mid-track is a testament to the work Carp has put into his own musicality. The track on a whole has a very 60s retro feel, especially from the harmonious chorus that fades with the sharps and flats of   The Beatles “Paperback Writer.”

Rounding out the breadth of the album is “Far Superior Nose”, with its spoken word delivery that belies the simplicity vs. pretentiousness lyrical theme. What’s interesting is that the music also seems to mimic this theme–with simplistic verses contrasting the complex chorus. You also have to give kudos to a lyric like: “I can’t even smell any asparagus” (No, seriously.)

Despite lacking a major label stamp on the CD cover, Carp’s third offering is demonstrative of the vast musicality at his disposal. The album is diverse throughout with coy and complex as appropriate bookends. A respectable outing considering the DIY execution of the EP.

Words By: Chris West

[Rating: 3/5]

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