Gee Davey, She Sells Smiles

geedavey4_album.jpg“Say Another Prayer” pilots this EP with an immediate jolt of typical rock guitar. This short tune is reminiscent of early 90’s grunge rock, with vocals heavily influenced by Scott Weiland, Eddie Vedder or Chris Cornell. “Last Song,” the second track confirms my garage band assumption. The guitar riffs sound a lot like “Spoonman,” a Soundgarden song released in 1994. It has decent squealing guitar solos, but it’s really nothing special. Not to sound stereotypical, but I still see guys with long greasy hair and flannels walking around from time to time, I guarantee they would rock some Gee Davey.

The tracks on this release, She Sells Smiles, however behind the times they may be, are soaring with quality. Their listeners will not hear one bad note or off tempo change. The recording is well produced and full of potential. “LOLing,” (phonetically pronounced) is a fun time; it’s got a really party hard feel to it. The song is based on the internet term “LOL” which means laughing out loud, pretty ridiculous concept and song if you ask me. What a swell way to bring this dated music to the present time. LOL!

If you are into mediocre rock-n-roll or still living in the early 90’s the by all means seek out a copy of She Sells Smiles. The term “it’s not for everyone” is strongly suggested here.

Words By: Ginger Hebert

[Rating: 3/5]

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