ezracover350_phixr.jpgHello! My name is Ezra and I decided to write a bio for my band, Ezra Furman & the Harpoons – a really good band creating really good music. Can it be that simple? Yes it can, and it always has been.

The Harpoons and I have a love for songs as things that can cut across space and time and create a heart-to-heart conversation between an artist and a listener. That’s why we formed a band in February 2006 and started to play show after show, even in the days when there were only a few people in the audience. All we really needed to make that open-hearted art we wanted was one person, anyway. Soon, though, lots of people started to come to our shows including Anthony from Minty Fresh, the label that signed us. We were still in college and we each became a unique and bizarre breed of college student: the up-and-coming indie rock star college student. It was a strange and cool thing to be.

Our first album, Banging Down the Doors, was made in an achingly honest and enthusiastic spirit. You can listen to it and hear that it is the work of twenty-year-olds full of all the fire, emotion and joy that rock n roll music should have. We were frantic to enter the music world and show all that we could be. I played the acoustic guitar with raw aggression and the band used their collective musical genius to turn my songs into great full-band pieces with real power. We were emotional, confessional, playful, angry and poetic. And people liked it.

Now we’ve graduated college and just finished our second album, entitled INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY, and it is really a big step forward. When our guitar player Jahn left the band several months ago, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to be the same band we once were. It turned out we were right: we evolved into a new Harpoons with a new approach. I put down the acoustic and picked up an electric guitar. Sometimes when you lose something you rely on, such as our fourth band member, you find out what you’re really made of. I now believe our band can do anything. Everything got intensified: the angry songs are angrier, the tender songs more tender, the happy songs happier, the sad songs sadder.

The last record had a song called “My Soul Has Escaped From My Body.” I feel that every song on this record could have that title. The album is about your soul busting outta your chest–how our humanity cannot be suppressed, and how that which inside cannot be kept inside. That’s how I’ve always felt about being human.

We present to you, then, our new record about being a human being, even when the world tries to turn you into a monster. I really hope you like these songs about the secret things that wait inside us to be released, and about the triumph of the human spirit. We gave it all we’ve got.

Words By: Ezra Furman

“We Should Fight”, off of their upcoming album, “Inside The Human Body”:  


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