don-rimini.jpgFrom Paris to the U.S.A. a love affair is alive and “kickin” with Delicious Gutter artist Don Rimini!

Delicious Gutter – the new imprint of venerable L.A. record label Delicious Vinyl and Baltimore’s Gutter music innovator Aaron Lacrate – is making waves across the world with the bow of Don Rimini’s devastating “KICK’N RUN EP.” Combining the best of hip-hop and electro club music, Rimini has created an EP with such appeal that it’s received high marks from some of the world’s most respected underground blogs, print magazines and weekly newspapers.

The Guardian lauded “Bliss it is to be alive when squiggly sawtooth synths are such a popular mode of self expression,” while top French rock magazine Les Inrockuptibles called Don Rimini “simply the most exciting French producer of the moment.” On these shores, The San Francisco Weekly recently caught notice of Rimini and called the Kick N Run EP “…an ultracompressed assault of punk distortion and cymbal crashes. Getting kicked hurts like hell.”

Delicious Gutter is a new imprint devoted to spreading Pure Gutter Heat! What’s “Gutter Heat,” you ask? Well, it’s a dirty, nasty, undefinable grimy bass street sound that’s taking over the planet. It’s straight from the gutter’s all over the world and there’s a serious movement out there, folks. The best part of it all is that there’s a constant flow of young and exciting producers coming from all over the world. It’s not just NY, LA, London, Berlin and Paris anymore. Delicious Gutter’s Rick Ross and Aaron Lacrate have traveled the world for inspired producers you’ve never heard of and they are gonna create some serious dance floor havoc in the coming months.

On the release of Don Rimini’s Kick N’ Run EP Delicious Gutter’s Aaron Lacrate comments “Don Rimini shares the same gutter club mentality that I do – we both got an early education in the ghetto clubs. His remix for Verb is Gutter Rave at its best!” Rick Ross adds “Mr. Rimini can bring the electro-house crowd to it’s knees and I like that.”

Download FREE Don Rimini EP track “Nervous Breakdown”:


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