bill_oreilly.jpgWe are just getting in this exclusive download from The East Coast Avengers.

This is an underground hip hop trio made up of ESOTERIC, TRADEMARC & DC The MIDI Alien. Bill O’Reilly has had no issues at all going after hip hop artists like Ludacris & Jay-Z. I guess it was time for ECA to have a say.

We had Stoli take a listen and he said, “The beef is on. The beat is tight and the emcees hold nothing back. Esoteric brings straight heat, loving that aggressive approach. He goes as far as threatening his family calling him a rapist, sexist, and racist.”

Now we ask the people, does this track go too far or is their  anger  justified?

East Coast Avengers (ESOTERIC, TRADEMARC & DC The MIDI Alien)

LISTEN TO “Kill Bill O’Reilly”

[audio:Kill Bill – East Coast Avenger.mp3]



  1. Skar3 Krow
    January 23, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    This track is bomb ass! all yall fucken haters get the fuck outa here, u bitches aint got shit on da avengers!! this is america land of the free so we free to talk shit and threatin who ever we feel like!!! Repping S.O.K straight out kings 4 life skar3 Krow out bitch!

  2. matty
    November 19, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    yer a nerd, go join a hate blog

  3. wally jorge
    August 15, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Kill Bill Oreilly, free speech haters
    change the fuckin channel, east coast fakers
    violent image, no game, just scrimmage
    don’t know the meaning of fascist, you paint a false image

    it’s tradition, I don’t mean to be so deft
    but fascism is a classic tool of the left
    socio economic control, centralized government,
    suppression of opposition, do you get it yet?

    Kinda sound like you, kill the man you disagree with
    shut the free market down, probably still don’t see it?
    Your face in the mirror, practicing fascism
    cuz you hate fox news, it ain’t criticism

    to say you wanna kill a man in front of his kids
    That’s the type of bullshit Hitler did
    make a valid point, you sound like high school kids
    Trench coat avengers, bowling for stupid

    You angry? use it on battle raps
    you try to seem deep but you don’t got it like that
    alex jones on your myspace, makes you look tacky
    paranoid fear monger, that’s the horse your backing?

    got your email, saw your blog, oh my God, I can’t take it
    if I disagree with you, that makes me racist
    I’m not a cracker homie, when did we change places?
    left wing, pseudo militants with lilly white faces

    you wanna battle? save it for the cats you wanna kill
    with your imaginary gun, and your fake gangstah skills
    ya’ll need to chill, cuz you don’t know the facts
    and yes I agree bill oreilly is wack

    check that, I agree that dude is a dick
    but you make it seem like the democrats got the fix
    this country’s dyin slowly not just cuz of the right
    can’t you see the left wing don’t got that shit right?

    steal from the rich, give to the poor
    but since when am I rich, now I got no more
    money to pay for gas, and the left won’t drill
    yeah we need alternative energy, but we hooked on oil still

    shit don’t change over night, it aint right to deprive me
    al gore maybe green, but he takes it lightly
    on his mighty yacht, burning more gas than planes
    your heroes are hypocrites, Michael Moore is insane

    they got no beliefs, just a hatred of the right
    fighting hate with hate, that doesn’t seem right
    you against the war, but you wanna kill a reporter
    you’re just like al queda, spinning facts to distort a

    bad situation ,make it worse,play the victim
    but you lack enough data to express an opinion
    from the mean streets of Peabody, who are you kidding?
    you couldn’t kill a fly, cuz you guys are two kittens

    teddy bears, frontin like you dead prez
    your song is beneath me, I’m over your head
    east coast avengers, misguided by voices
    that exist in your head, thank God we have choices

    ain’t buying your album, won’t go to a show
    I make fun of your lyrics, can’t get with the flow
    can’t agree with a word that you idiots say
    but I don’t want to kill you, it ain’t the American way.

    free speech mother fuckers.

  4. Boston Dialekt
    August 14, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    Love this track. My Boston people know what’s up. They aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. Yeah it’s some harsh ish right here but the dude has brought it on. You reap what you sow right. You should know that Bill, it’s in the Bible – the only book you ever read. Keep it coming East Coast Avengers!

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