lp_phixr.jpgEmerging artist L.P. has a new E-card featuring an audio stream of the single “Good With You”, new images, and more praise for “New York City’s most buzzed about songstress.” L.P. will be releasing a new album on SoBe Entertainment.

New York City’s much buzzed about songstress L.P. has just released the first single “Good With You” off of her soon to be named and highly anticipated record set to hit in early 2009 via SoBe Entertainment. L.P. was featured as Clear Channel’s Artist to Watch for their NEW! program in June and the single is quickly gaining traction in the AAA format.

L.P. E-card with “Good With You” audio stream:


“Good With You” /   ”Cling To Me” video streams:


Armed with a voice that weaves seamlessly between being fierce and vulnerable, L.P. can captivate an audience with a single note, and turn a crowd of strangers into rabid fans with just one song. Nothing iterates this point better than the story of SXSW 2006 where her live performance inspired a label bidding war. This ultimately led to her being signed by LA Reid himself to Island Records. While L.P. says it’s “nice” that she inspired the competition, the singer ultimately walked away from the deal with her songs in hand, the material that will be included on her forthcoming album on SoBe Entertainment.

L.P. has invited comparisons to Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Gwen Stefani and Chrissie Hynde and has worked with go-to rocker Linda Perry who is a self confessed fan. The Washington Post call’s L.P. “. . . a punky rocker with the pipes of a belter,” while Entertainment Weekly exclaims “NYC moptop songwriter L.P. has toured the country and back, but nothing much spins her wheels off their axles” and Cincinnati City Beat offers up this piece of advice, “Tell a friend: L.P. is going to be huge.”    

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