qwote1.jpgThere is not much to argue about when you are talking about the hottest urban label right now. That would be Slip N Slide Records, the home to Plies, Rick Ross, & Trina. Ted Lucas, the CEO, sure knows talent when he hears it. Let Stoli introduce the first R&B sensation on Slip N Slide, Qwote. Qwote comes from Miami, FL and he has an incredible vocal range. Join us as we discuss his labelmates, dating, women, and making his way in the biz, enjoy!

Stoli: How does it feel to be the first soul/R&B artist on Slip N Slide?

Qwote: It’s an honor. It is a privilege, and also an opportunity to showcase my skills given that I am the only male R&B artist on the label as of right now.

Stoli: How did you get the attention of Slip N Slide CEO, Ted Lucas?

Qwote: While working in the Slip-N-Slide studio with other artists and their projects, Ted heard a song I did for Trina and gave me Trina’s project; and from there all eyes were on me.

Stoli: You have a tough act to follow on such a strong label, how do you maintain and just do you?

Qwote: By just being me. I definitely feel like the roster is filled with a bunch of heavy hitters, but again, with me coming in as an R&B artist, it’s not hard to be different.

Stoli: At what age did you realize that you had such a strong ability to sing?

Qwote: I’d say about 16.

Stoli: You first hit is, “Don’t Want To Fight” feat Trina. How did the concept for that track come together?

Qwote: I was actually on YouTube trying to find a universal song that would fit me and came across Air Supply. The Air Supply song caught my attention. It’s a beautiful song and was a big hit too back then, so I just wanted the same vibe, but more modern. I came up with “Don’t Wanna Fight” and presented it to Trina because I thought she would fit the best response to the song from the female standpoint.



Stoli: What is a major difference in your life before & after the record deal?

Qwote: More opportunities have become available. Financial situation has changed, I’ve moved up from the Tercel to the Tercel Deluxe (just kidding).

Stoli: With a look & voice like yours the ladies must holla at you. Please describe what kind of woman that Qwote likes?

Qwote: I love all types of women; big girls, small girls, chocolate, vanilla. I definitely don’t have a preference.

Stoli: If a guy or gal with less than average game needed advice on getting a hottie, what would you tell them?

Qwote: Think before you say something first. It will always get you in trouble if you don’t think. Second of all, try to find out as much as you can about the person if you can, as far as what they like and don’t like; it builds your chances, and always smile. The girls love a good smile.

Stoli: Please detail a date night with a fine woman in Miami on a weekend night?

Qwote: I’m a traditional dude, so I’m about pulling up to the house with flowers. You have to come nice with the fresh outfit. You have to take them to the best place to eat. Then go to a nice lounge, have some drinks. After that, Miami has a lot to offer so maybe the beach or go to the club and do a little dancing. Make sure you take her to Grazi’s on 7th and Washington Avenue.

Stoli: What is your favorite track that you have done so far that best expresses Qwote as an artist?

Qwote: I have a record called “I’m Sorry”. It vocally, lyrically, emotionally pours out my heart. Im a real heartfelt emotional dude. I actually went deep with that record.

Stoli: Do you have any plans for a track with labelmates Plies or Rick Ross?

Qwote: Yes. I’ve just finished a record with Plies.

Stoli: Any thoughts on Trick Daddy talking smack about Plies? Who are you riding for?

Qwote: I’m from Florida and we’re all family. I’m not taking sides, I’m about unity. And plus, im cool with both of them.

Stoli: What can we look forward to from Qwote for 2008 & beyond?

Qwote: Not just singing, but acting. I’m actually writing scripts right now. I love to cook, so im actually thinking about doing my own cooking show in the future. Something sexy for the ladies.


  1. MURPH
    August 14, 2008 at 10:48 am

    He’s a fine brother and his voice is amazing!!! Holla!!!

  2. GeGe
    August 12, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Wow! The boy actually made it. Shout’s out to the boy Qwote

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