Sol Skugga, Swimming Without Webbed Toes

solskugga.jpeHearing Sol Skugga’s debut album, one is immediately reminded of dance clubs in the ‘90s filled with goth kids getting their groove on to Bauhaus, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Siouxsie, et al. Well, you had to be there of course, but there was such a time and Sol Skugga’s music seems to be aiming for that sort of demographic here. And if it’s not that, then it’s certainly fans of Sarah Brightman or Ame Lee of Evanescnece. So yeah, basically what you have here is slick, dark, semi-gothic pop that would go well in a room filled with black lights while the smoke machine churned away in the corner. There’s something positively operatic and creepy about a song like “Avenge Revange” or “Guilty” with Skugga’s soaring voice flirting with the dark synth backdrops.   “P.O.T.M.” mixes heavily compressed power chording guitars with some of that Sarah Brightman theatricality. On the other hand, “Ghost” starts out sounding a bit like Tori Amos before careening headlong into a sort of whacked-out mechanical groove. And thus lies the problem with this album. It just sounds a bit too confused at times, with the production being the main culprit, featuring filtered voices, eerie effects, and the kitchen sink. Atmosphere is fine, but Skugga isn’t the sort of artist that can rest her laurels on sheer ambiance just yet.

Words By: Jack Andrews

[Rating: 3/3]

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