Lisa Coppola, Wisdom From The Pain

coppola2.jpeLisa Coppola obviously enjoys making music. She’s putting all her heart and soul into the five songs on this short EP. Problem is, the songs she’s singing here are too corny for words. This is the kind of Hollywood Nashville schlock that would seemingly sell tons of records if only everyone else with that idea hadn’t already raced around the track a few hundred times before Lisa. The biggest offender here is the wholly embarrassing “Your Love is Like a Rodeo” that manages to sound like possibly the most clichéd country pop song to be released in the last twenty years, and that’s truly saying something. The title track here fares a little better. Like “Your Love is Like a Rodeo” the song was co-written with Anthony Krizan, formerly of Spin Doctors. In fact, Krizan helped co-write all the songs here, but even his presence can’t help save such country corn as “When You Were Mine” (note: even when Elton John sang about elderberry wine, it wasn’t very good) and “Make This Moment (To Love Again).” Coppola might be a fine singer and look pretty on her CD, but it’s going to take better songs to elevate her above indie status.

Words By:    Jack Andrews

[Rating: 3/3]

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