The Foley-McKenna Band, Moving My Feet

foleymckennaband.jpeOne word comes to mind when listening to The Foley McKenna Band’s Moving My Feet: unpolished. The five-song CD is an okay start, but it just seems to be missing something. The first track, “Kimberley,” opens with a soulful, beautiful guitar riff, proving that the band has a solid instrumental package. The verses are good, but they appear to build up to something bigger than the pre-chorus. The chorus, however, makes up for it, as its simplicity makes it the most beautiful part of the song.

While the weak pre-chorus is problematic, the song’s biggest shortcoming is its ending. Listening to the entire CD suggests that perhaps the band is just weak on writing endings. With “Kimberley” in particular, the song seems to be cut off too soon. Although as a listener I am grateful that they didn’t continue to sing, “Kimberley, time is killing me” for three minutes, the ending seems to come rather abruptly. It’s kind of like finishing a drink: you’re convinced there’s more in the glass, but nothing comes out, and you’re not ready to be done yet.

For all of “Kimberley’s” problems, the rest of the CD is okay. It’s not particularly memorable, but the concepts of “Brick Wall” and “Moving My Feet” are excellent. They’re also universal; virtually everyone can identify with being treated as someone’s strong, silent, unmoving brick wall. It’s also easy to relate to the idea of wanting to move on in our lives but failing to take the initiative. “Can’t move on without moving my feet.”

The songs are okay. The ideas are great. The instrumentals are fantastic. The Foley McKenna Band is getting there. With some work the CD might become more than okay, but for now the lyrics and melodies are less memorable than the lead guitar riffs.

Words By: Valerie Williams

[Rating: 2.5/5]

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