Davina Robinson, The Blazing Heart

davinarobinson.jpeDavina Robinson really rocks. Well, her band does. Her CD, The Blazing Heart, opens with a high-energy beat and an electric guitar player who is seriously rocking out. Robinson’s voice is fitting for rock, as it’s a little hard and harsher than a pop diva or an R&B crooner.

It’s a shame for Robinson’s band that her name is on the CD, because the backing instrumentals are the most interesting parts of the songs. In fact, the songs even seem to be mixed to be very guitar-heavy to a point where, at times, it almost overpowers the vocals. Some of the hooks are catchy, particularly the choruses of “Making Love to Your Girlfriend” and “Conversations In My Head,” but the verses and bridges aren’t nearly as interesting. For the most part, the lyrics didn’t seem “rocky” enough. Some of them seem a bit awkward and forced, and out of place.

“Never Good Enough” has by far the best opening guitar riff. I even liked the message until I realized that she says in the chorus, she says, “Though I try and try, you’re just never satisfied,” which changes the song from one of empowerment to an admission of submission. Five seconds of the song changed the entire perspective for me, transforming the singer from an independent spirit to the weak partner in a relationship.

Despite the song’s problems, “Never Good Enough” features what is probably Robinson’s shining vocal moment on the recording. The bridge, which is stripped down to almost entirely vocals, is the place where her voice sounds the best.

However, my biggest problem with the CD came about in the last track, “Keeping Me Sane.” Robinson opted for a couple unison vocals on the track, which is fine, but one of the voices is out of tune through most of it, creating a horrendous sound and distracting from the rest of the song, which sums up my experience with the album as a whole. The vocals didn’t really add anything for me, and the album would be nothing without the guitar.


Review By: Valerie Williams

[Rating: 2/5]

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  1. Shaun
    August 12, 2008 at 8:47 am

    I am not sure hating on critics is the tact you should be taking Davina. They are just expressing their opinion. When you say “you people” that sounds real ignorant. Critics are all different – their views will be subjective and the mark of a confident artist is to take the good and the bad. In general I agree with you that the music industry promotes and markets absolute crap for the most part. That’s what seems to sell. Mainstream music is not the place of high art. What you don’t get is that any respectable critic with an ounce of credibility is mostly at odds with the status quo of the music industry. Critics who care about what they do which I know for a fact Valerie does are here to measure the artistic merit not play into some pre established notion that all need to follow the mold of Britney Spears type pop stars. Pop has its place but generally is not going to get the praise that you so adamantly assume it will get in lieu of finding its way to you.


  2. August 12, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Thanks SOOOOO much for your GREAT review!!! (Use of IRONY).

    Have to make sure to mention the irony because you didn’t seem to get it in the songs.

    To be brief, “Never Good Enough” is NOT ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP!!! It’s about THE MUSIC BUSINESS!!! “YOU”/”YOU’RE” & all its derivatives refer to THE MUSIC BIZ. “Though I try and try, you’re just never satisfied” means that, despite my hard work and effort to hone my craft and get out there and perform, THE MUSIC BIZ always finds something to CRITICIZE. THANK YOU for demonstrating that perfectly. Sorry I don’t have a music video yet to give you the visual story that you obviously need. If you had bothered to read my bio, you would have understood what the song was about.

    The part of the song where you think my vocals are best is the irony of the song. According to you, my voice is too hard/harsh for pop & r&b. YES it is! So I don’t sing those genres! This song is dedicated to the music biz/record companies/music critics. So I’m singing “cutesy” in that bridge for all of you who seem to like that kind of pop crap voice. I really laughed when I read that was the part you liked. THAT’S THE POINT. That’s the only kind of voice you people like.

    And regarding the song you seem to loathe, “Keeping Me Sane” – the title itself should have been a clue. The guitar riffs suggest “emergency”, as in an ambulance siren. And the double vocals – with one a bit askew – represents the narrator almost at the end of her rope.

    Just so you know: not all songs should be taken at face value; not all songs that use the pronoun “YOU” are referring to a damn boyfriend. Lesson is over.

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