endwayalabamabridge1.jpgIf you were there on 7/25 in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East than you saw history. One of the hottest bands in New England, Endway, played to a sold out crowd. Skope Live! & AMP Energy teamed up to host the Summer Bash For Autism Speaks. Endway has a tremendous following & a new CD, Action, out now!

Stoli: You guys just had a HUGE night for Skope Live! / AMP Energy on 7/25? How are you all feeling about playing to that sold out crowd?

Endway:   It always feels great to play to a crowd like that. We are grateful. Boston has been good to us.

Stoli: Are you all pleased with how your fans came out to support you and your new CD, ‘Action?’

Endway:   Everyone in the audience was dancing, smiling, laughing and singing along!   That’s what it’s all about; having fun and thriving off of the pulsing energy in the room!

Stoli: Please tell us a bit about how Endway came together as a band?

Endway:   Morgan Dorr (lead vocals/bass), and Kevin McHugh (guitar/back up vocals) formed Endway five years ago (though they’ve known each other for over 12 years); Scott James (drums) joined about four years back and together they put out a smash self-titled album.   Actually four songs from that record are currently in rotation on MTV Reality TV shows such as The Real World, and The Hills. Benny Z. (tenor sax/back up vocals) joined about seven months ago and since then Brian Lempert (keyboards) became an extension of Endway as well.   All five of us collaborated to create our latest album, “Action”.

Stoli: Your following in New England is tremendous. What would you say has helped to grow that base so quickly?

Endway: Playing together for a number of years, and writing music that feels good. word of mouth is key. we play as hard as we can every show, I think it keeps people coming back!

Stoli: Do you guys have day jobs and if so what are they?

Endway:   None of us have day jobs.   Endway is a full time operation.   If we’re not recording, we’re on the road.

Stoli: There were a lot of hot women out to see you on Friday night. How do you stay focused on the music and not the hotties?

Endway:   Our music is sensual.   It’s meant to attract people, and we are fortunate because it’s working.   Of course there are times when the ‘hotties’ grab our attention, and we love to interact while performing…  

Stoli: How long did it take to write & record ‘Action’ and are you pleased with the final product?

Endway: Many of the songs on ‘Action’ have been blossoming in our minds for months, even years.   Morgan refers to it as “his life’s work” for a reason.   We’ve found a creative synergy that works, and we pored our hearts and souls into ‘Action’.   That said, the recording process was actually fairly brief.   Once the drums were mic-ed properly, and we laid down the rhythm sections, we set cruise control.   Like a well oiled machine, our system worked quickly, and we’re thrilled with the final product.   We engineered, produced, mixed and short of mastering, took on every aspect of the process.

Stoli: Your songs & sound are so catchy! How do you write & decide on the music as a group or does one person dominate?

Endway: Believe it or not, we are a working democracy. Morgan comes with an idea and we jam on it, and nail down our favorite version. Its a secret.

Stoli: Were you guys friends before Endway or did the band form the relationships?

Endway:   Although we all met at different times in our lives, I think we’ve all been friends in previous lives.

Stoli: The show on 7/25 for Skope Live! was to raise $$ & awareness for Autism. Have any of you have been effected by Autism?

Endway:   We give to non profit organizations whenever the opportunity arises. In our opening track, we quote “with a little bit of love, and a little bit of sacrifice, we cant take the whole world and make it better” its something we believe in and want it to spread.
We all recognize the widespread issues surrounding autism, and we feel strongly about helping to raise awareness about these issues!  

Stoli: For our readers looking to get your new album, where should they go?

Endway:   For MP3’s you can purchase ‘Action’ on iTunes, or Amazon.   For a physical copy of the CD visit http://www.cdbaby.com/endway2

Stoli: What can we look for from Endway for 2008 & beyond?

Endway:   We are committed to bringing our music, and message to as many people as possible!   We aim to do ‘good’, so expect to see our names associated with more benefits, charities, non-profits, and foundations. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us!   We do write and perform for the fans!   We love our friends, and family, and we’re so appreciative for your support!!!

Stoli: Thank you Endway!

Endway:   Thank you, Stoli, Skope, and to all of our fans, ONE BIG LOVE!!!


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