aliceinnomanslandreleasebannerari1.jpgSony BMG recording artist Mandi Perkins is an intensely passionate and charismatic singer/songwriter who creates uncompromising melodic rock. She writes about her life and those around her in a musical form of empathy, which makes listeners, care, think and question.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mandi began writing and performing when she was very young and her childhood included musical theatre, vocal competitions and writing every chance she could. Her ambitions inspired a move to California to pursue both a career in music and to attend UC Berkeley where she graduated with Honors in English Literature. Immediately following graduation, Mandi made a move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in music while simultaneously attending law school. She recently graduated, passed the California State Bar (albeit playing a gig a few weeks before!) and completed her first independent album, “bleeding the line …,” with help from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

“Who I Am”:


“bleeding the line …,” a 12 track album written by Mandi was released digitally through De Novo Music/INgrooves in August 2007 and featured several collaborations with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. Via myspace, Mandi garnered much attention for her music – she currently has 2 million profile views, 3.5 million total plays and 85,000 friends. Her music has been featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach, The Hills and The Real World and she has gained many fans along the way. The attention Mandi began receiving did not go unoticed by industry insiders including Jeff Rosen, Bob Dylan’s longtime head of publishing, who was drawn in by Mandi’s song lyrics and charismatic personality. Jeff introduced her to executives at Sony BMG and subsequently helped her get a record deal through Fred Ehrlich’s label venture with Sony BMG’s Victor Records. Upon signing the deal, Mandi immediately began work on her major label debut album, “Alice In No Man’s Land.”

When discussing the album, Mandi states that, “Each song stems from my own personal experiences, the lives of the people closest to me and those I meet along the way. I write songs from my stomach and will take an event that has happened to me immediately following its conclusion and I will stretch it out until it’s at the rawest form. Once I have the emotion explode on paper, I am much more at ease. Songwriting is cathartic for me. I think it’s great to passionately feel, but there is a point when you should make sure you have an outlet, especially when the excess baggage takes control of your life. Hopefully listening to my music will be cathartic for other people.”

Mandi Perkins‘ major label debut album “Alice In No-Man’s Land” comes out on August 5, 2008 on Sony BMG’s Victor Records.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Thursday, July 24
Ram’s Head Tavern/Ram’s Head On Stage
Annapolis, MD

Friday, July 25
Philadelphia, PA

Sunday, July 27
Red Devil Lounge
San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, July 29
Portland, OR

Wednesday, July 30
High Dive
Seattle, WA


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