Rose of Jericho, These City Lights

roseofjericho_album.jpgAlthough I am not a fan of American Idol, I can see the attraction.   It is a demonstration of great skill and perseverance.   Most difficult to me, looking in as a viewer, though is watching incredibly talented people trying desperately to squeeze their own personal genre into the maze of twists and turns thought up by some self proclaimed witty producer.   But alas, I digress.   In the spirit of squeezing talent into a void of simplicity, meet Rose of Jericho and their second album “These City Lights.”     Behind the powerful poppy songstress, Andrea Russie, lies a sad blankness that is the sound of a generic and lightweight ’90s power riff rock band.   Somewhere between Christian rock’s sadder moments and Guitar Hero before they acquire any rights, the meat of the Rose of Jericho, the band, is a purely a vessel to disguise what is a great pop vocal voice in a Lita Ford mask.   The band is not completely to blame though.   There are hopes here of being a true “rocker” whatever that means. Perhaps there were once hopes of be Evanescence, but the stale backdrop can’t quite pull the Gothic pain out of the soft and gentle suburban rocktress that is actually beaming through the speakers.   “These City Lights,” the title track says it all.   Its optimistic, its sultry and its well done all without a lick of power ballad monotony.   I can only hope that the Rose of Jericho does as its name sake and arises well from the gloom of their present state.

Review By: W. R. Eilers

[Rating: 2/5]

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