Logs in the Mainstream, The Ridiculous and the Sublime

logs_album.jpgBefore even getting the chance to stick The Ridiculous and the Sublime in a CD player, it is evident that this offering from Logs in the Mainstream reeks of awesome.   The cover design is an obvious parody of Meet the Beatles.   The CD itself is designed to resemble a record.   Oh, and then there are the song titles, including “Don’t Come to Maryland,” “If Hitler Had Sideburns,” “Tequila & Power Tools” (which happen to be a few of my favorite things!), and “Another Logs in the Mainstream Song.”   And you can’t forget the bagpipes.   One of the band members is credited as playing the bagpipes.

Automatically, any prospective listener can assume that the album will be nothing shy of entertaining.   In this aspect, Logs in the Mainstream does not disappoint.   In their song “Grateful,” which thanks the singer’s mother, the band rhymes “sucky,” which isn’t exactly a poetic term.   Nor is “thinking with your jeans.”

Behind the off-the-wall song titles, this band has something to say.   They don’t have to write and market 12 love songs.   For instance, even “If Hitler Had Sideburns” questions more serious aspects of life, some of the what-ifs of modern society: “If Hitler had sideburns, would Elvis have been a Nazi?” or “If chunky meant sexy, would Kate Moss be throw in prison?…Would dance clubs look more like kitchens?”

Logs in the Mainstream don’t take themselves seriously, but at the same time their songs aren’t afraid to get serious.   It’s indie rock, so it’s free to break the rules, which is one reason to hope that this band always maintains its indie roots.   It’s a good listen if your knowledge of music isn’t limited to top 40.   It’s even better if you can appreciate a band that offers a closing track (“Another Logs in the Mainstream Song”) as an in-joke for the listeners, which is three minutes of self-deprecating humor about the band’s songwriting quirks and lack of musical conventions.   It’s refreshing, entertaining, and solid.   And if you don’t like it?   The band answers that in the last second of the last song. “Whatever.”

Review By: Valerie Williams

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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