dnte.jpgBenny Blanco came across my desk through Iced Media as an upcoming producer breaking in the industry. One trip to his MySpace page and you could see this cat is on some other shit. Join Stoli as we talk to Benny about his career, ADHD, Katy Perry, and some guy named John!

Stoli: Your bio reads like a story of persistence and belief. What has kept you motivated for all these years in the biz?

BB: Food, my family and the friends around me, Shouts to Pilot Fam!

Stoli: You started out as an emcee but turned down deals because you are white. Do you ever regret not taking those opportunities?

BB: Never, I would’ve been a white Will Smith in ’88 minus the high top fade and Carlton.

Stoli: What kind of atmosphere do you need to be creative and create a new beat?

BB: Candles, food, teddy bear, preferably stuffed, and a nine iron.

Stoli: You have ADHD, would you say that helps you when you are making beats? Do you take any medication for that?

BB: I used to take some shit that made me look like i jus lost my dog, so I stopped takin. What was ur question again?

Stoli: If you could name one mentor that has helped you come up the most who would that be and why?

BB: Disco D, because he gave me the handbook to everything I know. If it wasnt for him I’d probably still be cleanin a floor. Instead of cleaning his floor. But, in all seriousness he is by far the most
influential person in my career. RIP Disco D….

Stoli: What artist that you have recorded with would you say you were most happy with the song created?

BB: Its a tie. This Santogold song and this song I did with this artist Neon Hitch. Both the songs are soooo moving. The type u can feel in ur body.

Stoli: You work with a variety of artists from Kylie Minogue to Lil Mama. Would you say that reflects the kind of music you listen to?

BB: Who’s Kylie Minogue and Lil Mama?

Stoli: What album from growing up do you still listen to today?

BB: I’m still growin up. i’ll tell u when I get there

Stoli: You have worked with Katy Perry. Is she as sexy in person as in press photos?

BB: Katy’s my sister. But who says theres nothing wrong with a lil’ West virginia fun!

Stoli: What are three tracks you play to get the party jumping?

BB: Prince “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
Chic “I Want Your Love”
XXXchange “Roll It”

Stoli: What can we look forward to from you in 2008 & beyond?  

BB: 3Oh!3, Neon Hitch, Mickey Avalon, Spank Rock, Santogold, and if you see a dude named John in Williamsburg   tell him he owes me $100.  

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