magnumpr_vervestanding1_1.jpg‘Forth’ will be released in the US August 19th on the band’s own imprint On Your Own, which is being run by the Verve’s management company Big Life in association with Rob Stevenson’s company Stolen Transmission and distributed by MRI/Megaforce/Red.

The Verve have given us three fantastic albums — including Urban Hymns, the fifth fastest selling British album ever on release, reaching platinum status in the States, and one of the landmark releases of the Nineties. They play “music of the spheres,” which strives to break out of the stratosphere and yet is laced with a brutally down-to-earth, gritty realism that understands the hopes and fears of their world-wide audience but challenges them to accompany the band on a quest for something greater. When the words of Bitter Sweet Symphony power out across a venue, the words “It’s a bitter sweet symphony, this life, you’re a slave for money, then you die” are transformed from what should be a depressing statement into an uplifting cry of celebration and of seizing the moment, something the Verve can never be accused of failing to do themselves. As the cover of 1995 single History spelled out, the Verve’s manifesto is “Life is not a rehearsal.” Individually and collectively, they challenge themselves and their enormous audience to get the most out of it we can, and live for the instant.


1. Sit And Wonder
2. Love Is Noise
3. Rather Be
4. Judas
5. Numbness
6. I See Houses
7. Noise Epic
8. Valium Skies
9. Columbo
10. Appalachian Springs

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