image0012.jpgLike notable musicians before him, singer-songwriter Cory Chisel forged his first connection to the power of song through the music he heard — and made — in church.

His father was a Baptist minister, his mother played piano during services, and an upbringing surrounded by sermons and spirituals instilled in Cory the passion and portent of language and melody, and a fluency in the gospel’s rich vernacular of loss and redemption.

Based in Appleton, WI with his band, The Wandering Sons, Chisel’s upcoming six song EP, “Cabin Ghosts” reflects the inspiration of his upbringing with a spare Americana-saturated sound that is its own exquisite blend of folk-country and Delta blues. With his voice full of soul and longing, Chisel’s expressive vocals and the Sons’ loosely orchestrated, impeccable playing emerge fully formed yet somehow familiar and as confident in its sonics as in its lyrical echoes of existential grace and mystery.

Recorded mostly live at Robinwood, his family’s cabin in the wilds of Elco, WI and at a live concert in his hometown, a collection of stark and haunted melodies grew from the beautiful woods of his home state into the songs now captured on the “Cabin Ghosts” EP.

On tour with Joshua James:

June 27                                 HOTEL CAFE                                                         Los Angeles, California
July 17                                   CLUB CAFÉ                                                             Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 18                                   RADIO RADIO                                                       Indianapolis, Indiana
July 19                                   BEAT KITCHEN                                                   Chicago, Illinois
July 20                                   THE ARK                                                                     Ann Arbor, Michigan
July 22                                   SHANK HAL                                                             Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 23                                   VARSITY THEATER                                         Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 24                                   WAITING ROOM                                               Omaha, Nebraska
July 25                                   THE RECORD BAR                                           Kansas City, Missouri
July 30                                   TOAD TAVERN                                                     Denver, Colorado
July 31                                   BELLY UP                                                                   Aspen, Colorado
Aug 1                                       CLUB SOUND                                                       Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 3                                       THE TRIPLE DOOR                                         Seattle, Washington
Aug 4                                       DOUG FIR LOUNGE                                     Portland, Oregon
Aug 5                                       BOARDWALK                                                         Orangevale, California
Aug 6                                       HOTEL UTAH SALOON                             San Francisco, California
Aug 8                                       CASBAH                                                                       San Diego, California
Aug 9                                       HOTEL CAFE                                                         Los Angeles, California
Aug 10                                     RHYTHM ROOM                                                 Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 13                                   RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE           Morrison, Colorado

“Home In The Woods” (Audio download link):


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