mymusicsite_com-full-logo-200x2001.jpgNew music site is setting a new standard for user generated mobile content.   As part of its new service, My Music Site is providing an editable ringtone service that can be used in connection with the music offered on its site.   The editable ringtone feature allows users to create unique, personalized ringtones from the independent artist content available on the My Music Site.   This service gives fans of the independent artists who use the My Music Site service a new way to connect and interact with the band/artist by creating personalized ringtones.   Each time the ringtone plays it will be an opportunity to promote the band/artist.  

The service is similar to what Apple offers on iTunes for the iPhone but with one major difference.   The My Music Site service supports over 900 phones on over 100 carriers while the Apple service only works for one phone, the iPhone.   My Music Site has partnered with FasPay Mobile Technologies to offer the editable ringtone service.   The FasPay mobile content management system allows My Music Site to offer real time user generated mobile content services to their independent artist clients.

Designed to provide the independent artist with a vehicle through which to sell their own music, My Music Site affords musicians the opportunity to sell individual songs, albums, production tracks and even ringtones of their original music. Set up in a social-networking-like environment, the company also provides a platform that enables these artists to market, promote and obtain worldwide visibility for their music with just the click of a mouse. Artists and producers who are seeking to independently showcase their music as well as music lovers who wish to sample tomorrow’s tomorrows hits today can do so online at

“We are pleased to be working with My Music Site to offer editable ringtones services.”   Says Charles Sidles of FasPay Mobile Technologies Inc.   “The fan base of the independent artist’s who use the site should find the editable ringtone feature a fun new way to experience and enjoy the music they love.”

Independent-minded musicians, music producers and music lovers who would like to maintain control over their music selling and buying experiences will find the global venue to do so online at

About FasPay Mobile Technologies Inc. — FasPay is a leading provider of mobile content management systems and mobile entertainment content services and applications. The company is an industry leader in the development of user generated mobile content systems and real time content conversion of digital to mobile.


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