john5_album_cover.jpgJohn 5 is definitely a different breed of cat.   Gaining notoriety from his stint with Marilyn Manson and most recently Rob Zombie is a guitar force to acknowledge.   J5 who is a very unimposing person close up mixes metal with hair band style shredding, and is effective doing it.   This release is a bit different than most instrumental offerings I get.   The structure on Sounds Of Impalement is interesting as well as catchy.   Noisemaker’s Fife is a neat picking tune featuring a haunting seaside backdrop that goes into a full heavy-metal jacket.   Pity Belt is a cross between rockabilly and R&B, and The Judas Cradle mixes spooky music with clever fret work.   Pear Anguish is pickin’ and grinnin’ at it’s best.   The Lead Sprinkler is a full out metal thing.   Scavenger’s Daughter starts out like a soft lullaby, and of course finds itself with Pedal to the Metal.   The title song Requiem sounds like it was written for a Wes Craven soundtrack.

J5 must have a hard time assembling songs for an album.   On this release, he proves that he can definitely play any style of music, and sometimes three or four of them in one song.   Definitely a music lesson for all of you would be shredders out there.   Learn some finger picking, some rockabilly, and some flamenco, and maybe you too can end up with a career in metal!  

Review By: RME

[Rating: 5/5]

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