jonas.jpgJonas started playing music at an early age- initially banging on pots and pans but quickly moving on to guitar, bass, drums and a bit of piano.

The greatest revelation to Jonas though, was when he discovered Stevie Wonder’s album “Songs In The Key Of Life” in his fathers record shelves. Stevie landed on the recordplayer and ignited Jonas’ passion for singing. This passion has stayed with Jonas to great succes ever since.
After having played in numerous bands during his teenage years, Jonas formed the soul band Jonz with 4 other talented musicians. After only 3 gigs, the band got signed to a worldwide deal with Sony Music. This lead to a tight working relationship with manager Keith Harris (Stevie Wonder, Omar, Lynden David Hall) and producer Pete Smith (Randy Crawford, Joe Cocker, Sting) making the critically acclaimed debut album “Where It’s At”. The single “Sleeping” was #1 on the national danish airplay chart, and made waves in various parts of the world. Even Stevie Wonder was caught humming one of Jonas’ songs, and said “when can I get my copy of the album?”
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Catch Jonas on tour with Outlandish in June:
June, 18 2008 at ONUTSS – Jonas Listening Party @ Billie’s Black Bar Lounge , New York NY
June, 21 2008 at Heritage Forum-Los Angeles – CA -USA
June, 22 2008 at The Majestic Theater- Dallas, Texas – USA

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