rose.jpgRose Rossi has a contest going right now with her new music video “Hello to you.”

All readers have to do is watch the video, call the # in the video and from there it leads you on   a treasure hunt. Here are the contest rules and prizes:

“Everybody will win something, there is no purchase required and it’s not a game of chance. Anybody can win the treasure hunt simply by following the clues; the earlier they respond, the better the prize. The prizes are: An Apple MacBook Air (first prize); two Apple iPhones (two second prizes); three iPod Nanos (three third prizes); and four iPod Shuffles (four fourth prizes). Additionally, everyone else who plays wins a download code with a free song, which cannot be found on the album. All you have to do is call the # in the video — (866) 575-5947”!

“Hello To You”

[youtube 7zV0D-WXFPc nolink]

Photo by: Alice Dison

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