rkelly460.jpgMTV News reports that on Friday, after just two days of deliberation, R. Kelly was found not guilty on all counts in his child pornography trial. The verdict came six years after Kelly was indicted.  

Back in February 2002, a videotape was delivered to a Chicago Sun-Times reporter. The video contained images of what appeared to be Kelly engaging in sexual acts with a girl who was underage at the time. The Times reporter handed the tape over to the police saying it “must be a forgery.” The jury agreed and, after hearing testimony and evidence, they still had reasonable doubt as to the “identities of other parties on the tape.” Kelly was acquitted on all 14 counts against him.

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  1. Bubba Jones
    June 16, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    I knew R Kelly was innocent. Way to go homie!

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