Neverdie – No Rock uN Rolled

neverdie_abum_cover.jpgNeverdie’s “No Rock uN Rolled” is perfect background music for an online club–where visitors are too busy surfing virtual reality to listen to it.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that’s exactly what the album is. Neverdie is the stage name for singer/songwriter John Jacobs, who wrote the album for the virtual reality club, Club Neverdie, at

It’s mindless music. The lyrics make no sense. The song “Never Die” consists of a circling repetition of the words “never die” over and over again. Songs like “Can You Reach the Button?” and “Self Made Movie Star” don’t bother explaining what button and how a movie star is anything but self made. Mid-album, there’s “Toussaint L’Ouverture,” a song about the leader of the Haitian revolution of the late 1700s. Why?

Randomness carries over into the music, which is too busy to leave a lasting impression beyond the internet. Each song begins with a catchy rock and blues-infused guitar riff. Somewhere between the first verse and the chorus, the rock morphs into redundant techno blips and beats. Every track is a cacophony of genres–like Jacobs made a bet to see how many he could fit into one song. There’s rock, blues, R&B, soul, rap, dance, house, techno, and Brit pop influences, not to forget Jacobs’ vocals, which occasionally imitate Elvis Presley.

Now we know why he’s called Neverdie. Jacobs is attempting to resuscitate these dead genres of music by sewing them all together. When he calls on the king, it works, but only for a short while. The project fails, as Jacob forgot that art is like Frankenstein’s monster–it needs the thread of originality in order to succeed. That’s why these songs are not meant for radio. Only in virtual reality can they live on.

Review By: Anney E. J. Ryan

[Rating: 2/5]

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