large_flag_of_canada.gifWe recently reported about a Canadian councilman who was against Motley Crue performing in his town, Sarnia.  

A month has passed since Dave Boushy said he didn’t want the band playing at the Sarnia Bayfest but he is still dealing with the fallout from his comments.   Boushy was against the concert, noting, “I don’t want to see pornography on land that is owned by the community.”   While the rest of the council overruled Boushy, the Crue fans are still up in arms, letter-writing and blogging about the councilman who wanted to censor the musicians.   The band, however, is pretty pleased.   In a conference call this week, bassist Nikki Sixx explained, “People like him are always out to attack rock and roll.   God bless them, man.   They keep our name in the press and re-ignite our passion to hold up our middle finger to all those people who really don’t understand.”   Sixx also used a common expletive to describe the 78-year-old politician.   Meanwhile, Boushy is shocked by all the backlash, telling the Sarnia Observer, “This thing really took off.   I really haven’t seen anything like it in my political life.”   The Sarnia Bayfest goes on as scheduled with the Crue on July 10th.

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