big-geminii-pic-new1.jpgBig Geminii is a true southern emcee that my girl Chanel put me on to. After peeping his single, “Hypnotized” with Flo Rida I had to see whats up. Join your homie, Stoli, as we discuss keeping it real, Eminem, big ol’ booty’s, and his new album, ‘History In The Making’ which is in stores & on I-Tunes now!

Stoli: You rep for the south in TX. What does coming up in TX mean to you?

BG: What up Skope! I do rep for Texas….not just the city I’m from but the whole state…being from Texas, we have a whole different swag out here. wherever I go people are always asking me “Where u from?” “You don’t rap or sound like the Mexicans or Latinos out here.” I tell um “Come to where I’m from and that’s the norm.” Like I said we jus got a different swag, I like that.

Stoli: That song, “Hypnotized” feat Flo Rida is hot. Where did you record that track and are you talking about a certain shorty?

BG: Hypnotized, which was made by myself and my producer Ace 1, is still very hot right now. Flo rida was actually jus on the remix. It was the original that took off in a major way. Jus had to clear that up. Ace and I made that trk around 4 in the morning in San Antonio, that’s where Ace’s studio is. It’s crazy, he laid down the drum pattern I started humming weird sounds, I started writing, came up with the hook first and went in and sang it. Oh yeah that’s me singing the hook also for those that don’t know. After recording the hook and getting it right, I finished writing the rest of the song. We did all that within an hour or so. I knew we had something while we were making it. And we did, we had a hit! You asked if it was about a certain someone. No. The whole song is about being in a club or strip club and seeing a chick that stands out from the rest. Big ol’ booty, face, legs, all that and you jus can’t quit lookin or staring. That’s what the whole concept of the song is about. Everybody can relate to that shit.

Stoli: Being from TX do you feel that you have to keep it “Screwed & Chopped?”

BG: I’ll be honest, I’m from Texas but that don’t mean I bang screw music. Don’t get me wrong some of that shit sounds real koo, sometimes. But I have to be in the mood. Just cuz you from Texas don’t mean everything has to be screwed up. I prefer to listen to it at a regular speed. But speaking on texas, oh they love them some screw. I think my music sounds dope screwed, I jus can’t bang it all the time, ya dig!

Stoli: How much of the gang lifestyle or the thug life must an emcee endure to be considered real?

BG: Everybody says they “real” in the rap game. But who knows exactly what they do or do not fabricate. Me, I’m real, I tell the real. I don’t claim to be something I’m not, I have never been locked up, in a gang, sold crack. I’m honest, remember this music is like a tattoo, once it’s recorded and put out, it’s out there forever, so careful what u say because they will test you on it to see if you are “real”. I mean if you live it why not speak about it. Of course you have your rappers that emerge from a gang, thug or dope dealing lifestyle, but not every rapper does. It’s like I said if you live it, then speak it. I speak about life, and the average common man. Cuz that’s what I am. And I cant go wrong because I can touch everybody with my music. Everybody has to go through the ups and downs of life, that’s what I speak on. Who cant relate to that. At the end of the day we all bleed the same and breathe the same air. I don’t limit myself with the content I speak about, I speak about everything and anything. Am I “real”, hell yeah, im real, I speak about what I really am and do. How much realer can you get?

Stoli: Being Latino did you feel like you speak for that community or are you speaking to hip hop in general?

BG: I speak to the masses in my music, of course I rep for my people, but at the end of the day “my people” is anyone who lends me an ear. Any color, any race if they feel me then that’s what it is. I am Mexican American, Chicano, Latin, I’m all that. And I’m proud of what I am. I speak from my point of view, whoever feels it, feels it. Hip hop or not.

Stoli: When you saw Eminem break down the hip hop barriers and earn respect as a white emcee, did that influence you at all?

BG: Seeing Eminem come into the game and break barriers was inspiring. But you also couldn’t deny the fact that he was dope as fuck. You had to respect that. And having Dr. Dre in his corner helped as well. That just reassured me that it could be done. Anything can. So if he could break them, then I can, or even the person reading this.

Stoli: Now that your music is getting major plays would you say that the haters are coming at you harder?

BG: Theres always gonna be someone hatin’ on the next man for whatever reason. That’s just how we are as humans. But remember, if no one is talking bout you or no one is hating then u aint doin nothing. Ima quote 50 real quick, “If they hate, let um hate then watch the money pile up.”

Stoli: When you are up in the club what do you prefer, shots of Tequila or Corona’s?

BG: Honestly in the club, I prefer Ciroc or Grey Goose with some cranberry juice, Patron dressed and chilled, and something soft with a big booty next to me. Jus had to throw that in.

Stoli: When you are looking for a shorty in the club, what do you look for in a chick to take her on a date?

BG: what I look for in a woman is someone I can hold a conversation with, I like smart business minded women. Classy women, that got good fashion sense. I like independent women, women that got they own money and ask me what I would like to drink or say na let me pay for that. That’s what it is right there. Im about 6’1, I like shorter women around 5’1 or 5’2 is perfect for me. Pretty face, slim waist, and thick in certain places. That’s what im into.

Stoli: Where can readers cop your album ‘History In The Making?’

BG: My brand new album is called “History In The Making” and can be found at Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, and hopefully your local mom and pops store. Go to I-Tunes and search Big Geminii, you can download the entire album there, clean or explicit. Go breathe it in, I promise it’s a breath of fresh air.

Stoli: What can we look forward to from Big Geminii for 2008 & beyond?

BG: This is my third album but feels like my first. I feel reborn, call me The Phoenix. 2008 is already staring out as a busy year, but the best is yet to come. If people like “Hypnotized,” they will love what else is on the way. Sky’s the limit baby. You get what you put in. I’ve put in a lot of work to get to where im at but I still have to put a lot more in to get where im going.


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