The Whigs play Sunfest


Sunfest played host to New Music Thursday which featured 15 breakthrough and lesser known acts including Landon Pigg, The Postmarks, The Whigs and Good Charlotte among others. This was where the underground bands were able to showcase their talents in front of a good sized audience. It was a good place for mainstream fans to be exposed to music outside the top 40.

The Whigs of Athens, GA are relatively new to the music scene – they’ve released two full length efforts to date. Their most recent album Mission Control has been getting decent exposure and they got to play the lead off single”Right Hand On My Heart” on the Late Show with David Letterman. This night they played a energetic set, forcefully strumming through the edgy chord progressions. Their lo-fi garage rock sound had a raw beauty to it. Precise yet unrefined the trio blasted into their songs with raucous abandon. Lead singer Parker Gispert growled over “Like a Vibration” with ferocious intensity. They maintained clamorous momentum from start to finish leaving a indelible impression as one of the best performers of this year’s Sunfest.

By Shaun Flagg

Photo: Joni Sansone


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