Portishead – Third

portis_third_album.jpgEver wonder what an album would sound like if Tori Amos ate a bit too much acid before she went into the studio?   Third, the long awaited release on Mercury Records from Portishead, is out in stores April 28, 2008.

Third represents Portishead’s return to the scene after a hiatus since 1999.   With a spot at Southern California’s famed Coachella Valley Music Festival; Portishead looks to come back with a bang.   With songs like ‘Machine Gun’, the bang is back for this band.  

However, in a bit of a departure from past Portishead, there is not as much of the smooth songs with slick DJ mixing/scratching behind beautiful vocals.   From the first track ‘Silence’, to ‘Hunter’, and a few others… Portishead’s album Third makes excessive use of electronic beats.   In an almost industrial twist to many of the songs, the sound effects drown out too much of an obviously amazing voice.   The flow of the album is interrupted all too often by someone at an effects console getting a little too happy pushing random buttons.

For the die-hard female fans of Portishead, Third is a worthy addition to your collection – if you have some extra money you were planning to spend frivolously anyway.

Reviewed by: Gary Jacobs

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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